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1. Euphemism for DW, an abbreviation of the phrase "dick wet." Often used in work, school, or female-dominated settings where vulgar male expressions are often censored. Refers to the heightened stage of male arousal where pre-seminal fluid is secreted from the penis, creating a wet sensation.

2. A physical state that is often sought out by sexually charged young men out on the town.

3. A discrete form of male encouragement intended to promote sexual activity for colleagues, chums, and good 'ol boys.

Donny: "Hey man, I'm just looking to get my dick wet tonight"

Peter: "D-DUBBBBB!!!!"
by Trent Sandoval September 24, 2008
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A word that abbreviates the name of an individual whose first name starts with a "D" and last name starts with a "W". This type of person has to be highly energetic, funny, good-lookin', balla flava, and friendly.

Usually a playboy type...
Yo' my man D-Dubs n' I will be bouncing to the playground once we get done with work...

Dustin Williams = D-Dubs
by $$$M$$$ August 08, 2006
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Short for DWI, Driving While Intoxicated
I lost my license because of a d-dub
by Chad February 15, 2004
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the act of getting your dick wet.

(females get their v dubs)
Steve: yo man, did you bang that girl last night?
Phil: hells yea, I got my D Dubs, son!
by Matt Shark October 23, 2007
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Short for Dick Wet - (DW)=(DDUB), which means any form of bodily fluid(saliva, vaginal secretions) making physical contact with the male reproductive organs, testicles included.
OR recieving a handy using a liquid substance (gelatin, toothpaste, lotion)
Joseph loves getting his DDUB like a crazed animal.
by Olssss July 10, 2008
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D+W. 'd'=dick, 'w'=wet. Getting some sort of sexual act done.
Verb form: Dubbing ones D
Brooks' try'n to get Lexi to dub his d.
Or Brooks' try'n to get his D-DUB.
by EwMeg September 23, 2008
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Nickname for the nickname of Dora Winifred, better known as DW, a character from that children's show Arnold, about a bunch of aardvarks.

Used by common definition as a whiny, obnoxious, immature little bitch who throws a bunch of tantrums.
GUY ONE: Hey dude, are you still going out with that skank?
GUY TWO: No fuckin' way, man. She was totally a Ddubs.
GUY ONE: Totally. What an whiny, obnoxious, immature little bitch!
by neighte April 24, 2010
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