Means Dick in Pussy. Can be expressed as a percentage or ratio.
J. Holmes (cumshot legend) D in P = 100%.
Marriott D in P = 0%.

Hey Marriott. How's it feel to have a dick inside a pussy? Oh you've never had that! Holy shit! Holy Fuck Marriott - you've never had your dick inside a pussy. Well fuck you ya dumb cunt. Go work for your fucking low tier company.
by Drew Christx April 9, 2007
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down for penis. usually used to describe a slutty girl.
She keeps hooking up with him, so he knows shes d for p.
by ur my hero April 4, 2008
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The D to P is also refered as the Dick to Pussy Ratio.
You are on your way to a party, you call your friend up and ask him "What's the D to P?" He replies "5:1", "It is a real sauagefest."
by Joseph Tourville November 29, 2007
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pretty darn effing precious
used by the popular youtuber Shay Carl to describe his pd effin p kids.
Girl: Did you see that baby?!
Girl 2: OMG! I know. Wasn't he p d effin p?
Girl: Oh Yeah (:
by ShayCarl's #1 fan February 25, 2011
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"I ain't on the guest list, I ain't V. I. P. - I snuck in the exit, learned to D - I - P!" Redman - Let's get Dirty.
by Ultron November 24, 2003
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