Somebody who doesn't swear or talks/makes sexual jokes
Craft is such a Cuss virgin
by waterbottlehat November 09, 2020
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1). Fuck You
2). Get Lost
3). Such an ASS!
4). *(no word to express)*-ly Insult someone
Kristofer: I think you should take the Red Pant.
Thomas: Cuss ya douchy! You are so gay!

Jenifer: You are so Itchy!
Megan: Cuss ya!
by Faggy Chen September 28, 2010
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The best song you will ever hear.
May I present to you.. The Cuss Word Song!
Oh fuck shit bitch damn cock sucker
Pussy asshole cunt

Mother fuckin' dirty whore shat onto my lunch

Piss cunt damn bitch suck my dick
Jesus Harold Christ

Shit bitch cock sucker god damn mother fucker pussy asshole cunt
by gamescape or something October 09, 2021
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