n. a small flap or folding covering the entrance to the espophagus that opens to allow food to pass through before it reaches the stomach
Oh, no! There must be something wrong with my epiglottis because it won't open and I can't get any food down my throat...I'll surely be choking by the time I finish this sentence!
by Brian Neuner April 17, 2007
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one of the other definitions for epiglottis was very very very wrong. it's actually the flap covering the tube going down to your lungs. It opens so that air can get down, but closes so food doesn't get down into your lungs.
"Mother, I have a horrible cough. There must be a whole crapload of mucus on my epiglottis."
by Kister July 23, 2009
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Wow Andy, thats a pretty sweet looking epiglottis you've got there!
by Mike May 3, 2004
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