Act of a female punching her own vagina.
Normally done to prevent doing something they will regret.
Person 1: Did you see Ashley cuntpunching yesterday?
Person 2: Yeah, i heard she was trying to not eat.
by Dominico Paulo December 23, 2008
to throw an uppercut punch to a womans vagina.
I wanted to cuntpunch that stupid bitch for what she said.
by QP November 25, 2006
Butch lesbian who prefers fisting as her choice of giving sexual pleasure. In the same way as coloured hankies denote what gay men prefer, a huge fuck-off Bon Jovi mullet marks a Butch down as a cuntpuncher.
Why are you walking oddly?
I had a session with a cuntpuncher last night!
by Skirtlifter January 10, 2005
To fire you fist violently between a womans leg, possibly forcing your whole fist into her vagina causing a massive popping sound.
"OMG Chewat just cuntpunched Laura"
"I know, the pop could be heard for miles"
by LeeDeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee February 6, 2010
when you're fucking a bitch and midway through you kick her in the vagina and nut deep in that hoe
last night I gave my wife a cuntpunch surprise and now I'm sleeping on the couch
by SGTCorbis December 5, 2020