A very rare find - A pussy(cunt) that's super tight like an anus(ass).
That girl was so damn tight she had a cuntass! The ideal kind of Slunthore indeed.
by Jeff D September 8, 2005
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The act of being both a cunt and an ass simultaneously. Normally seen while playing fifa and someone plays like a dirty little bitch, ie with teams similar to Real Madrid.
That bitch I played fif with earlier played with Brazil and I was still winning, she quit in the 90th minute because shes a little shit. What a cuntass.
by caretofif? February 17, 2011
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The state of being when one is both a cunt, and an ass simultaneously. Frequently found when fif players decide to choose Real Madrid or Chelsea because they are pussies.
That bitch I played in fif chose Real Madrid and then quit in the 90th minute because he sucked. What a cuntass.
by caretofif? February 10, 2011
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A rare psychological disorder in which a man believes that his anus is actually a vagina. Not to be confused with homosexuality, cuntass can occur in both heterosexual and homosexual men. It is actually more common in heterosexual men, do the conflict wherein they desire anal penetration, but are disgusted with the idea of it at the same time.

Such men will often be observed practicing very strange behavior, such as using tampons anally on a monthly basis, or playing with their asshole excessively.

Cuntass is a severe disorder, and should not be taken lightly.
"Why the hell is John carrying around tampons?"
"He's god some serious cuntass."
by MrCuntAss January 13, 2007
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A Vaginal that does not stop and connects to the butt hole.
by gfsdjkfdlsj January 31, 2008
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A person or thing that doesnt comply to what you want or is generally in some way annoying or irritating.

See also:
fucker, cunt, twat
Jamie is a cuntass.
My boss is a cuntass.
by Nonameo June 5, 2005
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