Fif: means to plead the fifth amendment; to not tell something to someone else because of whatever circumstances.

In the superlative, fif can be written as "fizzif"
Example 1: Rick: "Tell me what happened last night with that hot chick!'
James: "fif"

Example 2: "I plead the fif!"

Example 3: "I can tell you that I plead the fizzif"
by Charlie Murphy June 10, 2004
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low-grade marijuana, shwag, middies, etc. "fifth" or "fifty" also acceptable.
"I don't have much money so let's split a bag of fif and roll the L. Be on the float before long"
by Yuri Dadinov October 6, 2011
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In French (Eastern Canada), a " fif " is someone who's homosexual or acting like it.
Le féminin de "fif" est "five"
Sti qu'té fif !!!
Té five mon homme !!!
by laurent September 26, 2005
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a derivate from cat's hissing. You can fif someone to show your anger, annoyance, or disturbance from their actions or behavior. It can also be used in the adjective form (fifi).
Ali KK always fifs me.

My partner is so fifi, he always accuses me of literally everything I do.
by noelpine January 30, 2023
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-Have you seen 50's new video
-Yeah, fif is crazy
by bush_is_pussy January 13, 2011
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"I saw the fif show last night, it was nuts!"
by natté April 20, 2005
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