The act of summoning cum without inducing the sense of touch to oneself.
Alpha Chad: "Hey girl wanna see something s i c c ?"
Girl: "Hmmm, sure."
Alpha Chad: *Cummon time*
Girl: "OH FU..."
by BolleLegacy April 30, 2020
Cummoning is the act of shooting a load in the middle of a ritualistic circle and reciting an incantation to create a cum golem that does your bidding. It’s highly advised to keep the golem below room temperature.

*Disclaimer: if golem is placed in a freezer, make sure you label the golem.
Hey bud, why is there cum on the kitchen floor?”

Sorry dude. I forgot to tell you I performed a cummoning last night.”
by Cups of the Dixie April 17, 2021
The basic thought when deciding whether to participate in some form of sex involving ejaculation.
D00d1:I think Sarah want to go down on me
D00d2: Use your Cummon Sense, that shits nasty
by rawryoumotherfucker June 12, 2009
Making an attempt to fulfill your partner’s oragasmic needs, and not just fucking solely for your own pleasure.
Daniella: I hung out with DeAndre last night, and he didn’t have cummon courtesy.

Sophia: What’s that?

Daniella: He fucked till he came & I laid there miserable & unsatisfied.
by Punnygirl118 March 13, 2018
When Devin Crashes into a car
Devins coming out of a parking space and hits a grey pick up truck "cummon dev!"
by adrian perez August 8, 2006
the act of ejaculating with intent of the excretion to land on someone or something
Whatcha doing?”

“Ahh you on grindr again.”
by Jj0909 August 22, 2021
A marvelous word discovered by the great Kris, the leader of all Amino Cummonities.
- Word added to Urban Dictionary by their wonderful fiancé, Quill.
"I was a leader on an amino cummonity and none of them were."
- Kris, 29th May 2022
by Quill Vivian May 28, 2022