Contraction of the words "I see." Usually used when one is annoyed, irritated, or simply doesn't care.
Person A: I got a PSP today
Person B: i c.
Person A: It is so sweet!
Person B: i c.
by Kid April 14, 2005
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when PURVI is fucken LAZY and doesn't want to write out "I SEE" and it's fucken annoying because about 8 more "IC" follows the first one.

I usually get really irritated and call her names...but you know how it is. IT"S REALLY ANNOYING!
people that write I C should die.

me: i feel bad for the people at disneyland on new years eve.
her: ic
me: they have to cancel the fireworks and some showws
her: ic
me: because of the wind
her: ic

*here's where i block her for about a week or so*
by James Dean Honor the third January 1, 2008
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i am so stupid.
i see. {that u are}
by tony September 21, 2003
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"Andy is the i/c on this one."
by Diego July 29, 2003
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For the person who knows nothing about computers except basic tasks like turning it on and off and reading their email. Are you having a P I C N I C?
by Parker394 June 6, 2007
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I C Wiener is used in "Space Pilot 3000" (Futurama).
Fry, the errand boy, is sent to a cryogenics lab with the name of the recipient: I. C. Wiener. When he arrives he doesn't find anyone exept for some frozen people in some refrigerating rooms. 'Icy wiener'(I. C. Wiener) refers to the frozen people who are the recipients of the pizza, thats the joke moved to Fry.
FRY: "Ehy-ohh.. I have a pizza for.. I C Wiener?? Damn, what a fool!"
by Zia Bianch. May 2, 2008
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Oh, I see.

Used for when you have just understood and comprehended something. Can only be written or typed.
Dave: "Sorry man, I just ran over your dog"

Claude: "O I C"
by CharlieA July 18, 2006
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