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Contraction of the words "I see." Usually used when one is annoyed, irritated, or simply doesn't care.
Person A: I got a PSP today
Person B: i c.
Person A: It is so sweet!
Person B: i c.
by Kid April 14, 2005
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Used for short-hand in messaging, roleplaying, ect. IC is short for "I see". It also means "In-character" when roleplaying. It can also mean "internet connection".
1. Dude1: You have to add the numbers.
Dude2: Oh, now ic.

2. She really gets IC when they roleplay in the city at night.

3. My IC is fucked up.
by [aero]* February 07, 2007
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IC: An integrated circuit is a thin chip consisting of at least two interconnected semiconductor devices, mainly transistors, as well as passive components like resistors
the CPU is an IC chip.
by BorisTheBlade November 11, 2005
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In roleplaying, short for In-Character. If you are IC, that means you are pretending to be someone else (your character) rather than being yourself. Antonym of OOC.
Bob can make himself sound like a completely different person when he goes IC.
by Avalikia August 05, 2005
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Short-hand wording for the word 'intercourse'. Commonly used to disguise questions or statements surrounding this intimate act so that it can be spoken about in public, or in code without notice.
Francis, when was the last time you had IC?

I love IC, no jim.
by Jack the Jackel January 14, 2012
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Stands for Inner Child. I.c.'s are either men or women who enjoy speaking, acting, etc. like a child. Some i.c.'s participate in ageplay. I.c. can be an entire way of life, a headspace occupied in only certain instances, or anywhere inbetween. All i.c.'s, however, are actually adults.
Sometimes I occupy my i.c. headspace and decide to act naughty, so I get a spanking even though I'm 18!
by Daddy's Kitty November 12, 2006
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