When you let your cum build up so it can shoot extremely hard at people.
She’s been evading her taxes for months, time for the cum blaster.
by hitlersashes December 9, 2019
One who blasts a lot of cum, ie, comes a lot
That bitch is a cum blaster, i was soaked after i ate her out
by Rusty Nail August 6, 2005
A girl that cums at least a 1/4 of a gallon and u have ur face in there and u drink some and shoot it in her face
i was fuckin a girl and I cum blasted her
by Matt September 24, 2003
When you’re balls deep in a bitch and you unleash three days of sperm production on the tip of your own condom
Johnny: Last night I was balls deep in Martha and she told me to give her the cum blaster

Noah: Holy shit dude I bet you hadn’t jacked off for days too.
by BigTitsBigDick October 20, 2018