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Two indentions located on the small of a woman's lower back, located on both sides of her backbone. These indentations can be used to temporarily contain ejaculation in a pocket like fashion. This is found quite useful during "doggie style" sexual intercourse as a place to hold semen.
Last night I was nailing that broad doggie style, when I pulled out and I shot my load right into her cum pockets on her back! It was awesome! Not even one drop spilt!
by Kelley M. January 29, 2008
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a goiter or cyst like growth that lays under the skin of the face and is filled with semen absorbed through the mouth from money shots from other dudes and kept for later
"Dude did you see Fabio's face, he's got a cum pocket thats filled to the brim."

"How do you know that."

"He was with JY last night yo."
by Anonymous September 13, 2003
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