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A throat and upper respiratory ailment that results from sucking a lot of dick. Symptoms include congestion, a hacking cough, crying, bitching, moaning, and occasionally death. Affects women and gay men. Can be treated by such maneuvers as a donkey punch, a white dragon, and the danza slap.
Jen was being a bigger bitch than usual so Joe assumed she was suffering from the cum lung and danza slapped her.
by Joe the Clown Hater January 11, 2011
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When during sex you breathe in cum and it ends up in your lung.
The new girl was sucking off the quarterback after the game last night and when he came she breathed in his you know what and it went down the wrong hole so now she's sick with pneumonia but she really has cum lung.
by Jonathan Gagen October 03, 2018
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Pneumonia as the result of inhalation of semen.
David caught a mean case of Cum Lung from Bobby after losing all those team drafts.
by xxclandestinexx June 14, 2016
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