More than a burger joint, it's little slice of Heaven-on-Earth right here in Wisconsin, slowly but steadily spreading to regions outside the Upper Midwest. Just give me a ButterBurger, cheese curds, and a frozen custard concrete, and I'll be in paradise!
Parents: Is there anything we can bring you from home?
Student: Yes! Bring me some Culver's! You have no idea what it's been like having to live without it all semester!
by deedubya3800 May 8, 2009
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The best hamburger chain in America. It is based in Sauk City, Wisconsin. They are well known throughout the country, especially the Midwest for their rich and juicy "Butterburgers", which are burgers with a buttered and toasted bun and frozen custards. No other burger chain in the United States can touch Culver's.
I went to Culver's for lunch today and bought their signature Butterburger. It was so delicious that McDonald's and Burger King cannot even hold a candle to them.
by Acecombatfan93 December 15, 2017
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Fast food chain which specializes in selling/producing a frozen treat called "frozen custard" which is almost identical to ice cream in every way, sadly, if one were to mistakingly ask for ice cream rather than "frozen custard" the cashier will deny them ice cream or any food whatsoever.
Customer: Yes, may I have one scoop of ice cream on a waffle cone?
Culver's Employee: No. You may not have ICE CREAM. And you may not have any FROZEN CUSTARD either! Now leave before I have u forcibly removed!
Customer: Okay...
by Gage Almighty July 27, 2007
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A restaurant chain that can be found scattered around the United States and has some tasty stuff.
Boberona: "Hey, wanna eat at Culver's?"
Delopinger: "Sure!"
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The BEST fast food chain in existence. Butterburgers (my favorite is the mushroom & swiss + bacon), chicken (spicy chicken is SO DAMN GOOD), seafood (special shoutout to the Northern Atlantic Cod Fillet Sandwich for bringing me MANY foodgasms), and of course... the frozen custard (you MUST try the Georgia Peach, it's the stuff of legend). They are expanding, the goal is to reach all 50 states in the US. Lone live Culver's! Many thanks to the state of Wisconsin for bringing us this chain.
I went to Culver's, and had a meal of legend.
by Darkness Prime February 25, 2023
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Generally a last name, Culver means dove. This can be taken to mean that the person bears some sort of resemblance to a dove, such as mildness of temper. This holds true most of the time, but if you get a Culver mad, there will be hell to pay.
"Who's that?"
"She's a Culver."
by locogirl February 26, 2009
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You ejaculate in a girls mouth while receiving a blow job. While the semen is in her mouth, you wryly smile at her and say "Taste how much I care". The slogan of the fast food chain, Culver's.
Last night was crazy, I Culverized a girl
by Cubswin October 23, 2009
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