Somebody who pretends to be cool, but actually is an idiot. Male form of teenybopper. From Bulgarian slang. In Bulgaria, the assers are currently on a gangsta rap wave.
Heah, Bobo's pretending he's a big asser just cuz' he listens to 50 cent and other shit of the sort.
by Dreben_2097 July 8, 2005
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a German word that means you stupi dumb ass.
"You guys are the biggest asser."
by Bob Lush March 10, 2003
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when ur really bad at something
ur ass
"ur asser"
by ThatSadGirl101 January 30, 2017
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Device placed on a boat for the Rear Admiral's pleasure
When all the fish died in the livewell the Captain removed the Asserator from the livewell and stimulated his anus with it.
by Chris B******** March 14, 2007
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A person (typically promiscuous) who has a proclivity for anal intercourse
She is a definitely an asser
by Baskims June 28, 2017
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Non-Single Girl 1: OMG did you see those abs?
Non-Single Girl 2: I know don't you wish **boyfriend** has abs like that
Non-Single Girl 1: Hell yeah, gimme a piece o' that.

Girl 1 boyfriend : Pah, Assers
by Angry Wilson April 28, 2011
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