An alcoholic yellow liquid made from the agave plant which has a magical ability to cause federal charges of sexual harrassment, indecent exposure, public urination, and so forth to show up out of nowhere.
Holy shit, you drank a lot of Cuervo last night. Go clean up my bathroom, your barf is everywhere.
by Jack Cuervo August 17, 2005
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V. to negate another person who is expressing to you a good situation or experience in his or her life by providing an equivalent but meaningless counter.

Adj. Used to describe someone who often cuevos others.
Example A (telephone conversation)
Person 1: Hey (friend/family member), you will not believe the breathtaking view from my hotel room, I can even smell the water from here.

Person 2: O that's nice. Well we just came back from our vacation and our hotel was rated number 1 by traveler's magazine.
Person 1: Why do you always have to be so cuervo?

Example B Person 2 calls Person 1
Person 1: Hey John, I can't really talk, I am about to go to Ruth Chris's Steakhouse.
Person 2: O that's nice, I just came back from lunch at Morton's steakhouse.

Person 1: Why do you always have to cuervo me?

My biggest pet peeve are people who are cuervo.
by Mikeeemike June 5, 2011
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A cool ass Spanish Rock band from Houston, Texas. Band is made up of Elton (vocals/guitar),Diego (lead guitar), Ahmad (bass), Moises drummer), Carlos (keyboards).
Cuervo is 2 cool...Cuervo rocks!!!
by urock February 9, 2005
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Spanish Slang for lawyer or somebody dressed in a dark suit
Mi mujer me pidió el divorcio y ya busco un cuervo
by LPortillo January 28, 2012
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Much like "icing" when a friend hands you a mini bottle of Jose Cuervo on Cinco de Mayo it must immediately be consumed.
Grant just got Cuervoed at a Mexican restaurant
by Squert33 May 6, 2017
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A Brose Cuervo is a drink that is most popular in Northern California and may be seen at various frat parties throughout the United States. The Brose Cuervo is a shot that consists of 25% Jägermeister and 75% Jose Cuervo. It is traditionally served in a disposable plastic cup.
Skyler: "Lets get smashed at our frat party tonight bro!!!"

Randy: "Absolutely. Tonight is going to be hella hyphy if you are asking for my opinion."

Skylar: "I'll be drinking Brose Cuervos all night long mother fuckerrrrr!!!"

by oneall April 10, 2009
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In 1758, José Antonio de Cuervo received a land grant from the King of Spain in the Mexican state of Jalisco. He produced mezcal in a small factory on this land. His descendant, José María Guadalupe Cuervo, used the land to build a distillery for tequila production in 1795. The distillery was later named Fabrica La Rojeña. The tequila was exported to the United States for the first time in 1873. In 1900, José Cuervo Labastida decided to brand the tequila as Jose Cuervo. The company is now owned and run by heirs of the Cuervo family, the Beckmann family
bartender-what should it be sir?
josh-some tequila
bartender-patron or jose cuervo
josh-some jose of course, why should i pay twice as much for the same effect?
by joshua001 March 9, 2007
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