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A very down to earth person and is a man of his word, a very sensitive person but hides his emotions very well and is a very wise person when it comes to giving advice. He is also amazing at making love and is god-like and determined to please his partner when it comes to her sexual needs. Even though he is a great person he has been through a lot and is very cautious. He also doesn't believe in himself as much as others believe in him but he still tries to be there for others.
The guy from last night was so amazing in bed. He reminds me of Roje.
Roje was the best sex i ever had but he was scared to be in a relationship.
The only person that helped me even though they were hurt was Roje and his cousin Russell.
by michelle glover 84 November 18, 2018
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A really good person.Good friend,tells the truth always.Masturbates quite a lot..But he doesn't believe in himself even though he is great.
by thetruthteller007 September 21, 2013
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