To get conned or scammed.
That guy lost a grand to a stripper - he totally got mortoned
by smd001 January 17, 2011
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When an athlete of another sport believes they can transition to mixed martial arts without proper training and proceeds to get knocked the fuck out.
He lasted just 38 seconds before getting mortoned.
by TC2 June 6, 2007
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A aphrodisiac from the South Pacific, reknown for it's rejuvenating qualities. Also slang for "love god"
"May really needs a bit of Morton inside her".

"I'd love a bit of that Morton"
by kiwichris September 29, 2009
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"Mortons" or being "Mortons" refers to the act of being "salty" meaning to be raw, or acting like anything but a person with respect. The word mortons is taken directly from the brand "Morton Salt" salt that pictures a dark blue salt container with a little girl dressed in yellow with an umbrella. This particular brand was chosen most likely due to the fact that it might be the most recognizable brand of salt that most if not all people could identify. Instead of confusing the many definitions of acting "salty". Mortons refers specifically to when one is acting salty or has lost in the fighting game community. When someone is in fear of being mortons, it means that person is close to losing and looking embarrassed for it.

Origin of the phrase being used in this way could be traced to the street fighter community based in NY and the surrounding states.

The official Morton Salt product slogan is "when it rains it pours" which has also made its run through the fighting game community as the same meaning as the brand it represents.
Player 1: that guy just lost real bad.
Player 2: yup, that guy is seriously mortons right now.
Player 1: if he doesn't step his game up right now, he will be making a trip to the Mortons bracket.
Player 2: thats right cause you don't want to be in the loser's bracket right now.
by ElRey66 April 7, 2010
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A "Morton" is a common auto-text correction for "Moron" if misspelled. Particularly ironic when the person calling another a "Moron" fails to recognize the error and looks like a "Moron" themselves.
CJ: "You are such a Morton!"
CJ : "Oh Sh*t*...I mean moron! lol"
Shel : "Riiiight...right back at you"
by OpaqueInsight January 27, 2019
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