1. A white man with a shiny bald head.
2. A slaphead.
3. My former boss at Velindre.
Kev: Oi! CueBall! I’ve given up drinking booze and lost 50 lbs, now gis a better job.
Boss: Are you mental? I meant stop drinking that poncey bottled water and give me 50 quid.
by Huw_Jarce October 30, 2005
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A white person, deriving from the cue ball on the billiards table, which is white.
Yo, look at dat fuckin cueball!
by marklar August 18, 2003
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A white skin head, who has a shiny head !
Terry is such a cueball, look at the shine on that thing !
by Jaws x May 11, 2011
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1) Plainly, a bald white man.
2) A skinhead (Neo-nazi).
3) An imbecile.
"Check out the chrome dome!"

"Laugh it up, cueball".
by a_romijn October 16, 2005
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a menopausal religious balding old bitch who occasionally beats the innocent humor-seeking fifteen year old. normally a sunken eyed-looking goblin/gollum. the fugly bitch teacher who annoyed you in high school, fond user of cocaine/ rogaine for men, to disguise herself.
i can't believe that rickety old cueball is still alive! someone needs to youthenize that old hag.
by gordonTheWarlock69 February 06, 2010
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