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someone who thinks they own the beach when they go just for a weekend or a summer most of them deserve death...even tho they are the reason our economy survives.
the guy who doesnt know how to drive a circle and insists on drivin in the fast lane even tho he is goin 70 and you dont even have to read his license plate to know its from PA and then gets angry when you flip him off as you go 90 past him
by surferdude April 17, 2005
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not a big deal, something you shouldn't worry about; commonly used by surfers
-sorry i fucked your sister bro
*it's minors dude
by surferdude July 25, 2004
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A general insult similar to "Fuck off" or "Eat shit."
-Hey fag
+Lickanigganutsack bitch!
by Surferdude October 12, 2004
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noun: when your balls get that sticky feeling from sitting and working in an office all day.
dude, i have a bad case of cueballs from sitting in front of that fucking computer all day.
by surferdude July 25, 2004
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