A word that a takuache uses. It's like saying homie or bro.
Edgar: Que quema cuh?
Eric: My tires cuh
by the dictonary BITCH December 7, 2019
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1.Cuzz; short for cousin. Used to refer to a person as your friend/homie. Commonly used among southern gangster/ghetto individuals.

2. Word used by members of gangs Crips, and Folk nation, talking to another member.
1.Yo, what's up, Cuh?
2.Yo, cuh. We need to buss a cap in these slobz.
by Kirk March 18, 2004
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A term used by piasa ass Takuaches who have an edgar hair cut to refer to their friends.
by Thatbitchhhhhh November 24, 2019
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Slang word for “Cousin.” Originating from the Crip gang as a nickname they call each other.
What up Cuh?
Johnny said “what up cuh” to the bloods around the corner and they gave him a glare.
by Jjjjjjjjjjtw November 10, 2017
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Word used amongst truck users. Usually those who drive a Chevy Silverado, V6, V8 and yonkes. They typically have bowl cuts, called takuaches, Tlacuaches, etc. Mexican, or Mexican-American.
1. “No quema, cuh.”

2. “Cuhhhh”
3. “Letsss go to a truck meet, cuh”

4. “Traigo la mamalona de mi dad, cuh.” - “I have my dad’s mamalona, cuh.”
by lacuh November 22, 2019
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Cuh is someone you can relate to on a "street" level. Similar to cousin, in that it can represent your cousin or someone of that type of close-knit relationship. However, it should not be used with those you are not familiar with or theirs a high percentage chance that you'll get murked.
1. "Yall better watch yo self cuh because yo shit is broke as hell mayne."
2. Q: "Wass good cuh?" A: "Same Dawww, thats straight cuh."
by LivinEZin651 January 2, 2007
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Cuh often refers to cousin, or one of your close homies
Hey cuh, want to go down to Royal Bakery and grab a danish or two before heading to Elaines?
by Bruhkowski August 4, 2020
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