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The short version of "Cradle to Grave", esp used on Ebay in the feedback section to delineate the time between winning an auction and receiving the item.
Positive feedback left for Walterwego on June 27th by Lizengarde reads as follows: "CtG 6 days, Thanx".
by WalterWego July 10, 2008
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Ctg; short for can't talk gaming; perfect for situations when your friends text you while gaming; you can replace the (G) but this works best
Friend: Hey whatz up brah?
Yourself: STFU CTG playin MW2
by MrAngryAnimal October 24, 2011
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Generally used in the gaming Community to call a person who is out chatting, watching movies while logged on in a Multiplayer Game.

Its used now-a-days , as ppl r bcmng mre laZy 2 TyP
"Hey, CTG otherwise you gonna get Kicked"

"Hey u Better CTG , or consider u r Banned For life"
by ~AJ~ December 09, 2009
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buy the domain for your pet site
Close The Gap! When you are behind a driver that leaves more than 1 car length between his/her car and the car in front.
What an a*hole in front of me, CTG for God sakes.
by McBools October 14, 2011
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A person who research information from the internet and publish it to people by using IRC as mediator.
<Insider-X> If I wouldn't know better, I would say ctg is infected by http spamming worm.
by ctg May 09, 2004
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A huge giraffe.
Hates people who spell it without the periods, WHOOPS.
He's crazy and psycho, but awesomely cool.
Has a mean streak, but can be nice.
"Please do not feed the CTGs, they are known to attack."
by Kelley April 09, 2004
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