An asshole so consumed by cryptocurrency mining, that this is the only thing they know how to talk about, with no regard as to how no one else gives a shit.
Man, that dude is such a cryptard, that is all he ever talks about!
by Klaatu9898 February 6, 2018
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Someone who thinks they know Cryptocurrencies and Assets, but know fuck-all. Generally, someone who has been in crypto form 1 day to 20 weeks only, but who are pig headed and ignorant mental pygmies.

Usually easy to detect as they will be forthcoming about their investment in Ripple (XRP) , BitConnect (BCC) as well as other ShiteCoins and DigitalDogShit.

Other methods of exposing cryptards are, if you say anything bad about Ripple (or in future, Stellar Lumens, or in the past, BitConnect) you will quickly get set upon by all the cryptards in the audience.

E.g. For exposing this truth, this definition will receive a lot of down-votes like a youtube video exposing the non-Crypto ShiteCoin......all of these down thumbs are by cryptards.
OK, fine, invest in that ShiteCoin Cryptard. Same time, same place next week; or will you be at home crying about your losses?

No, Ripple is not and never will be more decentralised than BitCoin or any CryptoCurrency; at least give me some rationale behind your delusions you total fucking cryptard.

Sure, Verge is better than every other mineable Privacy complete cryptard.

Oh yea, you are right you fucking cryptard, TRON will go to the moon with the 100BILLION coins, how fucking cryptarded are you?
by Dingus McFlaggan March 5, 2018
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retarded almost to the point of death. Having barely enough brain cells to keep the vital organs functioning.
Dude, you are so cryptarded! Next time, put the tighty-whities on first.
by Verno the Inferno December 12, 2006
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All members of the crypto chat
I listened to the "expert" cryptards advice in the Secured crypto chats and lost my wife & house
by ResellBooster69 January 15, 2022
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1. crypto-retards: people who buy cryptocurrency to get rich, mainly driven by crypto-frauds stupid tweets that don't make sense

2. crypto-frauds: people who run scams and rug-pull on crypto-retards
Michael Saylor believes cryptards are idiots as he is.

More chance of you to get lost with cryptards increases with a decrease in your IQ level
by judgement_day_doomsayer November 5, 2021
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