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A complete fanny (Vagina (Most of world), not Ass (US) ) who is small and inconsequential in nature, like a small turd nugget , or that some would call a 'clinker'. A pussy clinker. I piece of poo shoved up the wrong hole.
Q- Look at that girl, does she even know that the dress she is wearing is from last season?
A - Bitch, you a fudnugget!

Q - Ye ken whit a mean maggie, int that bitch a fuckin hag fir tellin me tae go piy fae ma ain taxi
A - Oi, yoo ya wee slag, get tae fuck ya fudnugget.

Q - Ja, kyk wat daar poes doen, hy is so dronk, sal ek pis op his kop?
A - Nie maneer, jy is nog a fudnugget!
by Dingus McFlaggan March 28, 2017
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Originally a Scottish & Irish word, now used in Wales, England and even all former British colonies in place of "shit" but only when suitable, it does not always replace shit in any context. Many non-Scots and non-Irish have started using it in the incorrect context making it sound contrived and plain fucking stuping

When watching BBC propaganda "What an utter load of shite!"
When attempting to watch Australian TV "Now that was fucking shite, never again"
When served some below standard food "What's this shite?"
When checking out clothes your missus want you to buy "That's a shite shirt if ever I saw one"

When warning trouble "You are going to get in shite" (Scots & Irish would use shit or another verb over shite here)
-When giving a compliment "This coke is good shite" (Scots & Irish would use shit or another verb instead of shite here)
by Dingus McFlaggan August 4, 2015
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Someone who thinks they know Cryptocurrencies and Assets, but know fuck-all. Generally, someone who has been in crypto form 1 day to 20 weeks only, but who are pig headed and ignorant mental pygmies.

Usually easy to detect as they will be forthcoming about their investment in Ripple (XRP) , BitConnect (BCC) as well as other ShiteCoins and DigitalDogShit.

Other methods of exposing cryptards are, if you say anything bad about Ripple (or in future, Stellar Lumens, or in the past, BitConnect) you will quickly get set upon by all the cryptards in the audience.

E.g. For exposing this truth, this definition will receive a lot of down-votes like a youtube video exposing the non-Crypto ShiteCoin......all of these down thumbs are by cryptards.
OK, fine, invest in that ShiteCoin Cryptard. Same time, same place next week; or will you be at home crying about your losses?

No, Ripple is not and never will be more decentralised than BitCoin or any CryptoCurrency; at least give me some rationale behind your delusions you total fucking cryptard.

Sure, Verge is better than every other mineable Privacy coin....you complete cryptard.

Oh yea, you are right you fucking cryptard, TRON will go to the moon with the 100BILLION coins, how fucking cryptarded are you?
by Dingus McFlaggan March 5, 2018
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