2 definitions by judgement_day_doomsayer


1. crypto-retards: people who buy cryptocurrency to get rich, mainly driven by crypto-frauds stupid tweets that don't make sense

2. crypto-frauds: people who run scams and rug-pull on crypto-retards
Michael Saylor believes cryptards are idiots as he is.

More chance of you to get lost with cryptards increases with a decrease in your IQ level
by judgement_day_doomsayer November 5, 2021
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Buttcoin is a noun to denote the personification of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin as butt to mock its uselessness and their very innate nature of being a Ponzi scheme run by the decentralized mafia and terrorist groups. the crypto bubble busted in 2022 with a loss of over hopping trillion dollars. the companies such as MicroStrategy, pomp investments and ark investments lost millions
idiot: have u bought buttcoin and get butt fucked?
chad: no, I am not an idiot
by judgement_day_doomsayer September 15, 2021
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