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An ancient form of torture where the victim is tied (or in some cases nailed) to a wooden structure most traditionally shaped like a T.
The most famous depiction of this form of torture is the death of Jesus Christ.
The 5 sorrowful mystery of the Holy rosary is the Crucifixion and death of our Lord Jesus Christ.
by supertaco2000 July 11, 2015
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The act of placing a person on a wooden cross as a means of execution. The person would usually be tied to the cross, but sometimes if the Romans considered the person a really bad criminal they would nail the person to the cross. The person would linger for a time before dying from shock and exposure.

Crucifixion was practiced by the Romans as well as other cultures. It is considered one of the most brutal and painful ways to carry out an execution.
The execution of Jesus Christ by Rome.
The execution of Spartacus and his fellow rebels after an uprising.
by jesster79 February 21, 2005
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When somebody at a catholic school gets ninered it is called crucifixion. It is only crucifixtion if it involves homosexual acts or acts of fuckery
Kamal: oh shit its the seniors
Jamal: do you know why they are here

Kamal: no why
Jamal: fucking crucifixion
by .... October 10, 2019
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