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One whose argument or disagreement lacks any valid points, but instead only consists of swearing or other vulgarity.
P1: The writers on the show Mad Men are the most talented people working in Hollywood right now.

P2 (in response): Are you serious? You cum-guzzling asshole fucking piece of horseshit. Fuck your grandmother with your faggot penis.

P1: Stop being such a crub...
by anon13124 April 09, 2013
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A crub is a person mainly on the Internet (Or in real life) that doesn't use legitimate evidence or proof in arguments, but instead uses insults that are completely unrelated to the subject at hand.
"So what do you think about Obama as the new president?"

"I think he's a huge faggot and needs to kill himself"

"That's crubbish. Stop being such a crub"
by Papa_Parker April 09, 2013
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A person online who only uses insults to further their point, without any evidence or proof.
Austin was acting like a Crub last night when he argued with a person on Facebook by calling him a faggot instead of respecting his opinion or using evidence to support his own arguement.
by ButtMeister April 09, 2013
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The fear of farting because you may poop your pants.
On the ride home from Taco Bell, I had to squeeze my cheeks because I was experiencing horrible crub.
by Fletch2017 August 06, 2017
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The act of having your clitoris rubbed through your clothing.
Tubs: I just need somebody to love...
Girl 1: No, Tubsy you just need somebody to crub!
by TUBSYWUBSY October 15, 2010
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Adjective or noun used to a describe a situation of unpleasant weirdness, especially when a person acts out of character in a bizarre and uncomfortable way.
"Did you see Alan dancing naked while shitfaced last night?"
"Yeah, that was total crubs."

"Sarah snorting soup through a straw was the most crubs thing I've seen all year."
by Crubs Crubse November 21, 2009
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