A pretentious, MacBook using, Starbucks coffee drinking, blog writing, moustache wearing, poor music listening, weirdly dressed human being.
Haha, that dude is a total crub.
by shn&limes December 10, 2010
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A crack whore nub who will stop at nothing for xp, this includes but is not limited to snorting coke off cyber cock. A sexy nubletta who infact is such a zz pk that all you have to do is hold shift and the left button.
Me: rofflecakes, you are leik so ez it shuld be a krime ya hurd?!
Crub: OMG! how do you? Show!
Me: only 4 cyber. jk crub lololololololol.
<I Nk The Crub>
Crub: OMG y u nk?!
Me: OMG y u so zz?
Crub: I s/e.
Me: Kthnxbai
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Club. A word you use when your obsessive loving bf does not want you to club, or takes drastic measures to prevent you from clubbing or other social activities likewise.
Bf: Hey, where you going? ARE YOU GOING CLUBBING AGAIN?
you: Oh, I'm going crubbing with my friends.
Bf: Oh, okay.
by julziejulzie July 18, 2011
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Crub is a lifestyle , which primarily came from DUB , crub is a slower form of dub but with lower frequency bass , so less Beats per minute but more bass al round

"get your Crub on"

"That shit was Crub"

"turn that crub up fool"

"Dj spin that crub"

"That was crubbin"
by Psybliminal March 09, 2009
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The left over vaginal secretion left of the male penis the morning after intercourse....
"Laci has crub so many guys' penis' that she is now the crub queen."
by Deuce_isa_ko June 02, 2011
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A crub is the longmeadow, bay path college slang for scrub, used primarily for STEP performances.
A scrub is a guy that thinks he's fly
And is also known as a buster
Always talkin' about what he wants
And just sits on his broke ass
"Ya'll got no rhythm , you are just crubs."
by Amanda Leigh October 31, 2007
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1) A super scuffed, super positive Twitch streamer with a wholesome attitude that wears a neon beanie and thin glasses. Referred as a Just Chatting + streamer. (Plays games, but mostly to interact with chat)

2) Hyper and energetic gamer with a short attention span; nerds out at nearly everything and moves on quickly.
Watching Crub on Twitch lets me know that we are alive for the degeneracy and the friends we made on the way.

Bro1: I could totally become a pro gamer, just give me a chance!

Bro2: Are you serious? You can only choose one game and not be a Crub.

Bro1: Whatever. Who said I can only be good at one? If I play more games, more people will know!

Bro2: That's your problem, don't play games just for the audience and GET GUD.

Bro1: I'm still gonna try! Nothing like being a Crub for a living.
by DroolieCoolie February 21, 2021
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