A Roblox game where you get to obliterate children with a fire ax,

Oh, bash! It seems I am unfortunately trash at this game!
Gosh darn! It appears I have a skill issue!
Virgin: Wanna play the streets?
Chad: Nah criminality is way better
by CasualCoffeeGuy April 26, 2021
better than da hood and the streets
katana OP but shotgun OPer
chad: oh bash! unfortunately i am trash at this game.
beta: "rage quits"
by boboisgud June 18, 2021
Criminality is a free roam fighting game featuring punishing and unpredictable gameplay with advanced combat mechanics and extensive weaponry. You are in SECTOR-07, the most hostile and uncontrollable sector exiled from civilized society.

The people there are also extremely edgy and toxic.
"-Hey do you know Criminality? It's a roblox game."
"-Oh yeah i've heard of it, it is known for its extreme tocity and edginess"
by Stanlaitiere April 11, 2021
A roblox game by out lord and savior RVVZ that’s so better than the dumpster fire that is Da Hood and The Streets. Tho it costs some Bobux.
by onox2; January 24, 2021
A good roblox game unfortunately plagued by fucking losers who just camp on roofs with high-damage pistols and wait for you to do something so they can 3rd party you
robloxian 1: dude wanna play some crim? (criminality)
robloxian 2: sorry man im not playing fucking roofcamp simulator no thank you
by Homeless Desk August 22, 2021
The crime expected or associated with one's nationality. Usually used by racists.
Person 1: Hey see that Chinese person?
Person 2: Ya, what about him?
Person 1: He's standing right beside my bike but I'm not worried because I'd give him a low criminality rating.
by Tyrulan April 12, 2009
when something is completely and utterly bad
friend at late night saturday party: I have to get up at 6am tomorrow morning for work
friend2: dude! that's criminal!
by vinad July 3, 2005