1)A Native American people inhabiting a large area from eastern Canada west to Alberta and the Great Slave Lake. Formerly located in central Canada, the Cree expanded westward and eastward in the 17th and 18th centuries, the western Cree adopting the Plains Indian life and the eastern Cree retaining their woodland culture.

B.A member of this people.

2)The Algonquian language of the Cree
DAN:watchia(meaning hi in eastern Cree)
JANE: hi
DAN: i am CREE
by LALA April 23, 2004
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The most amazing and most beautiful friend. she has the craziest sense of humor and the weirdest personality. Shes there when you need her and she will always have your back. She sticks up for you when people are being rude. shes the best, if you ever meet cree keep her close, dont let her go! shes like a precious stone, or a lovely flower. but every flower has its thorns, watch out she can be a bit feisty. But apart from that she is everything you could ask for in a friend.
Cree: lets listen to some music
Beth: yass. what band? song?

Cree: whatever you want
Beth: Heavy metal?
Cree: We know each other so well
by Meow666Meowz June 16, 2015
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Brookline MA Slang for being under the influence of a drug or alcoholic beverage. Also just a word u can put in place of other words to make it sound fresher...J-sketch=J-Cree
You i hit that blizz and i was maaaddd Cree my dude....Yo what's Cree for tonight? Yo those kicks are mad Cree.
by Sketchy-kid April 30, 2010
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Cree is the kindest, caring boy ever, your lucky to have a Cree in your life and it's very rare! Although at times they can get a little moody... Its always fun when your around a Cree!
"oh wow hes so kind, he must be a cree!"
by _cat_lover_ November 10, 2020
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An undeniable state of beauteous existence conceivable only by those of a higher state of intellect and understanding. Only those who have experienced it can truly understand it, and thus, be in a state of Creedom.

Used as a noun,verb,adjective, and all other parts of speech.
"Charles Joseph John, Shayne Wilson, and Peter Anthony are quite Cree. That John Nixon fellow,however, is quite the opposite."

"I had an awesome day. It was extremely cree."
by Good_Lord February 23, 2010
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Incredible weed and/or souring the sky with a marvelous high. Cree can be an adjective AND noun.
"I was so cree last night that I hit a bird."

"Since I'm cree, I cAn RaP M@d Gud JaMaL."

"Yo.. got any friends who have a lil cree I could snag."

"For Xmas I want cree and a suede fallout boy cardigan."

"Yo which one of you bitch ass freshmen stole my cree."

"When I'm cree, I jerk it better then the NewBoyz would have anticipated."

"'Do the booty pop for me again Aliza?'' I'll have to politely decline Jacktaphor, I can only sway my tush like that when I'm cree.'"
by LivNLizknowawl November 29, 2009
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