When a man (or woman), slides a credit card (or any object for that matter, I use my hands) through a woman's cleavage.
Nick credit carded Alex's 33Ds after completing a perfect game at the bowling alley.
by Thornick August 19, 2013
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n. euphemism referring to any object or tactic that facilitates the acquisition of cash or material goods through illegal acts such as intimidation, armed robbery, fraud, etc.
Duwan walked down to the convenience store with his pit bull, and picked up a six pack, saying to the clerk, "Well, damn, I forgot my wallet, but I did bring my credit card," as the pit bull barked at the clerk.

Joey laid his Smith on the counter, saying, "Give me a cash advance against my credit card, and I won't blow your nuts off."
by Michael Gannett February 22, 2006
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1: (n) A piece of plastic with an intangible monetary value behind it.

2: (v) The act of falling on your skateboard when it is in an upright position between your legs, thus giving any spectators the impression that you are swiping your ass with it. This can be followed by pain either in the testicular or anal regions.
by rumbletag December 30, 2002
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a) A plastic card that allows you credit from a large company to buy things. This is to given back at the end of each month. Unfortunately, failure to pay results in interest.

b) A piece of hose and a bucket. Those hose is slipped into the fuel tank of a vehicle, and someone sucks out the fuel into the bucket. It is so-called because it is a way of "paying for fuel". A credit card or cash is needed to buy fuel, and here a "credit card" is the method.
a) cut up your credit cards and lock up your daughters.

b) here's a "credit card", but some fuel from the owner of that Ford.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 30, 2004
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when some swipes there tongue thru some one elses ass crack like swiping a credit card thru a credit card machine
Larry, i credit carded your sister last night and i hope you dnt mind
by cory camok August 26, 2007
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