A phrase commonly used on several occasions. It's almost always said together with at least two people. It usually expresses excitement, and can also be said after you've burned someone. It's used a lot in Regular Show.
Example #1

Guy 1: Hey man did you hear, they're giving out free pizzas!
Guy 2: With cheese filled crust?
Guy 1: You know it!
Both: OOHHH!

Example #2

Guy 1: (insulting) You'll never be the man your mom is!
Everyone: OOHHH!
by ayelexsus October 24, 2013
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OohHh gOOonNn~ SHhiwwnNggGg"
by hiilikethis October 1, 2020
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When you sucesfuly show off and make a point. Everyone around says oohhh kill um.
When a chubby kids does a dance move good u say oohhh kill um. When you slam dunk your teammates say oohhh kill um.
by byee felicia April 8, 2014
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