A location and or a place of tranquillity and peace. A safe location for friends to muster and chill. Typically a room in a building or home.
Bro, im going chill in the creche for a piece.

Ight bro I’ll be there in 5, I’ll bring the bong
by SwampyUKk June 14, 2018
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The "creche" - a place of which people come together to chill, party and feed.
Am off round to the creche to have a bbq.
by L.A.D April 22, 2009
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Dude, where were you this morning?

Went to creche and got shacked!
by Gnarls Noah Arkley October 24, 2009
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"oh! Darvills chreched the rolls royce"

"I have had a creche Jeremy"
by BIMBIM December 18, 2008
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An incel creche is any online space populated almost entirely by incels, where they can hang out to chat, and feel safe to be their true selves, trade in-jokes and outrage, and to be free from any risk of challenging ideas or criticism.

If you're in-game chat stream is full of bile such as tirades against minority representation, rants that diversity is destoying gaming, homophobic slurs, or outrage at the "woke nonsense" that results ina having a female NPC in a non-sexual role, then you may have accidentally wandered into the incel creche.
"Yeah, I was watching Michael does Life's live stream of Gamescom, but had to kill the live chat - when the Call of Duty preview showed that female sniper it was clear from the misogynistic ranting that I'd stumbled into the incel creche"
by RobertAntonWilson August 27, 2021
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The pilfering of a Baby Jesus figurine from a nativity scene or Creche.
The alleged Creche-robbing occurred on Christmas Even from St. Matthew Roman Catholic Church. The Baby Jesus figurine was reportedly worth $30.
by PoliceBeat January 15, 2012
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It means very good, amazing, beautiful, glorious and Magnificent. Can be used for food, drink , objects, people etc;
Those pints last night were Le Dasty Creche.
Do you see Her/Him? Shes/Hes Le Dasty Creche.
by Larry Birwin January 25, 2019
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