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An endearing term Genesse Cream Ale aficionadoes have given their beverage of choice. Creamers are beloved for their smooth taste, affordable price, effective alcohol content, and numerous medals (so many). Creamers could potentially stop the spread of AIDS, end world hunger, and prevent overpopulation if more people simply slammed creamers, not bitches. A traditional creamer comes in a shiny aluminum can which adds a touch of class to any social situation; however, creamer bottles have garnered attention at recent formal funtions.
"Yo senn, I just finished my African American Lit class! Want to slam a case of delicious creamers to the face?" - Hovan
"Yeah, I could do a casual-creamer Friday." - Diez

(2.5 Hours & 30 creamers later. LCA 2nd Floor Hallway. Hovan and Diez shirtless and charging each other at full speed.)

"Creamers! Creamers! Creamers!" - Hovan
"Creamers! Creameer! Creamers!" - Diez
"Meats!" - Diez
"Spiced Meats!" - Hovan
by Loul Dang December 09, 2006
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A woman that gets excessively wet upon sexual arousal and/or orgasm.
Guy 1: Jen is a fucking creamer!!!
Guy 2: What do you mean?
Guy 1: We fucked last night, and her juices got all over my sheets! She was so turned on, man.
by metalhead666 June 14, 2012
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In Spanglish Border Culture a CREAMER is a person that is a Mexican National going to High School on the American side of the border to learn or perfect their English. These students generally are the children of the governor or cousin of a major head of a corporation in Mexico and they want the best education for their kids.

They are called creamers because of the excessive lotion that supposedly they use on their face. Creamers have a clean aspect to them, and are clean cut Mexicans who are wealthy enough to have their mom's drive them across the border every day to attend school in either San Diego or Calexico (basically the US.) Chicanos born and raised on the American side tend to be jealous of Creamers because they often are the rich elite and wealthy kids of Mexico that are better educated and speak better spanish than Spanglish speaking Mexican Americans native to the US.
The word creamer implies wealth privilege and that they are the cream of the Mexican crop so to speak. In spanish the word Cremita indicates these same people but when these kids cross the border Chicanos call them creamers while they're in the US.
Man, look at the car that Dulce Maria's mom is driving, they are such creamers from Mexicali.

ex. 2

After 9-11 the border wait became long, some of the students were said to have been flown over the border to avoid the long lines by private jets just to make it to school on time. Therefore,
man creamers are Lucky they get flown over the border in the daddy's cesnas usually with marijuana cargos.
by Chicana Feliz June 21, 2007
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A guy who creams on his car. Said "creamer" usually lives in his parents' basement and thinks his overcompensating car will make up for his lack of genitals.
"John is a total creamer. If it weren't for the tailpipe on his car....He'ld never get laid!"
by Collin Sick March 14, 2008
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Pete: dude i am so bored...
Spence: man, i got some draino in the backyard we can mix with some medicine that would make some good huffin' creamer!
Pete: man Spence, if it wasnt for you; i'd still be in school.
by Splancer October 20, 2005
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A person who sucks up to people alot...

A creamer is someone who may as well apply cream to someones ass, cos they wanna get something in return. Or wants to get into someones good seems like they would do just about anything to get in there.
He makes me sick, he's such a creamer!

Why don't you just cream her ass pal, you do everything else!!
by Nixx March 23, 2006
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