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Text acronym meaning "how would you know"
A: He won the race.
A: I was there.
by An Cosantóir July 14, 2017
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South Dublin slang for pints of Guinness. The word refers to the creamy head that draught Guinness is famous for.
Alex: Myself and the guys are going out for a few creamers, d'you wanna come?
Adam: Yeah sure sounds deece.
by An Cosantóir April 7, 2020
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A combination of the words deece (a word which indicates appreciation) and D6 (which is an affluent Dublin postcode).

Mainly used by people from D6 as an attempt to closer associate themselves with the most affluent postcode in Dublin, D4, where the word deece is in more prominent use.
Jack: Wait didn't you go to Zaga?
Donnacha: Yeah
Jack: Isn't that like in the ghetto?
Donnacha: No, it's in Deece6.
by An Cosantóir April 3, 2020
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Someone who personifies the stereotypes about people from SoCoDu
Ross: Do you know Jack?
Alex: No, what school did he go to?
Ross: He played Senior Cup for Michael's and now he's working at his dad's firm.
Alex: What an absolute D4tress.
by An Cosantóir April 3, 2020
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Ross: Are you not drinking?
Alex: No, I can't with my sport.
Ross:(handing him a can) Ah c'mon dude, you need your Vitamin H.
by An Cosantóir April 7, 2020
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A person who looses at life constantly.
Hugo: Is Luke coming online later?
Brendan: No, his mum's making him study.
Hugo: Study for what, the Leaving Cert's cancelled.
Brendan: Yeah I know but his mum's still making him study.
Hugo: That guy is a walking L.
by An Cosantóir May 10, 2020
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