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Nickname of a fat bastard named Donovan Jones. He constantly eats pies (Goddfry's or Fray Bentos). Plays with his lego all day and all night. Never actually speaks human words but mumbles jiberish out of his arse.
"xshgxvye xwqhewd xwvs3yyr frifr", says donovan.

"Shut the fuck up, hovan"

"jwsyws eiiude" He replies, holding his dog's bollocks in one hand and a pie in the other.
by Namless insulter July 19, 2003
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Hovan is a lover. He is loyal until the end. He believes in what is just and fair fighting for it when opportunities arise. His sweet spirit is caring but not apologetic. He lacks sympathy for stupidity and believes people get what they deserve. For him hard work will pay off, but staying motivated can be most of the task. He is athletic and can excel at any sport or physical activity. He loves innocence and feels the need to protect women and children. His has a soldiers heart, serve and protect. He makes others feel safe when He is around. He carries himself like a warrior, staying lean and fit. He is sexy and dresses to impress! He smells good and looks good. If you find Hovan you will be hooked.
Girl1 : I think I found the man of my dreams! He would be a great husband and father. He is such a good guy , strong and sexy too.

Girl2: a guy like that is hard to find. He must be Hovan
by Randomguyontwhattsapp March 17, 2019
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An uncircumsised anime watcher.
Yo hovan get your anime watching ass outta here.
by Niglet jon November 06, 2018
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