a good man, a boss, goes out with a chick named donah.
Has vivid fantasies about another woman named Erin
yo im craig, imma boss
man last nite while you kno what with donah, i was thinkin bout Erin
by notjeremyyo March 21, 2012
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An undercover gay dude that pretends he’s not homosexual so he can trail around behind his straight friends and wait until the heterosexual friend is in a vulnerable state so he can convince him to allow him to suck his dick.
You better watch out man, everybody keeps telling you you’re friend is a Craig Banry... You’re gonna be drunk and he’s gonna convince you to him suck Your dick and you’re gonna have to live with that...
by JJTheDude June 13, 2019
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Craig Tucker is one of the side main characters from the popular TV show South Park, he wears a dark blue coat and hat with a yellow poof ball on top. He has one of the deepest voices of the kids. It was shown that he has black hair and yellow eyes in the ultimate power of Super Craig and Wonder Tweek in the fractured but whole. It is shown that he hangs around with Clyde Donovan Jimmy Valmer Token Black Tweek Tweak and has been seen hanging out with Jason white in the episode South Park is gay. Craig is in a gay relationship with a boy called Tweek Tweak which only happened because some Asian girls drew yaoi of them in the episode Tweek x Craig and have been seen holding hands, Craig even calls Tweek pet names such as ‘honey’ and ‘babe’. Craig has a pet guinea pig called Stripe which apparently him and Tweek bought together, Craig is protective about Stripe as in one of the older episodes Tweek vs Craig they were seen fighting because Stan and his gang told Craig that Tweek said bad things about Stripe. Craig is seen as a bad behaved boy as he always seems to get detentions, this may be because he always flips people off, even the teachers. It is shown that he doesn’t really like Stan Kenny and Cartman, this may be because one time they stole his birthday money and became a Peruvian flute band. Some of his personas include, Feldspar the thief from the stick of truth and Super Craig from The Fractured But Whole
Craig Tucker: *flips off Mr.Mackey*
Mr.Mackey: Did you just flip me off??

Craig: No

Craig: If I could say ‘shitballs’ to the school principal, I would be soooo happy
by Creek fan April 06, 2018
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A gay Republican senator who has a wide stance when using the bathroom.
Bob: Did you hear what Larry Craig told the cops when he was accused of trying to solicit bathroom sex with an undercover officer in the adjacent stall?

Tom: No I didn't, what did he say?

Bob: He said he just has a "wide stance"

Tom: That's bullshit.
by CJE October 04, 2007
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v. the act of denying one's homosexuality in impossible and unbelievable circumstances.
After we caught Matt watching dude porn, he tried to Larry Craig us by claiming he was doing a research paper.
by gregfromnc August 31, 2007
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A drink popularised in London in early 2014, comprising of a Tequila Shot and a shot of Pineapple juice. Believed to have originated in the mountains of Europe.

The drink must be consumed in a specific order:
1. Drink 1/10th of the pineapple juice and keep it in your mouth
2. Follow instantly by downing the whole tequila shot
3. Finish with a chaser of the remaining pineapple juice

Many partakers of this beverage are said to proclaim "It's surprisingly smooth" after consumption.
"shall we order some Craigy Ds?"

"Four Craig David's please"
"Four what?"
"Craig David's..."
"What's that?"
"... you don't know what a Craig David is?"
by TheGoodster March 21, 2014
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Super hot lead singer for Indie Rock band One Night Only. He is also a Burberry model and was in the 09 Summer Campaign. He is also British and and grew up in Helmsley Yorkshire,England.
Me:Did you see George Craig's Burberry ad
Other Person: Yeah! He was definitely I'd tap that materiel
by ycervantes October 12, 2009
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