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To perform this you must have 1 Kilo of Crack/Cocaine (preferably in powder form). While someone (doesn't matter who) is giving you a blowjob, you pull out of their mouth as your about to cum. You point your dick to the heavens, and cum flows down it like a sweet waterfall. Then, once you've 'gotten your dick wet' you run over to that kilo or that crack rock and you rub your dick around in the pile, making a sperm-crack combo of epic proportions. After this, strut over to your woman (or man, you sick fuck) and dick slap the shit outta em'. P.S. With a crack rock, proceed to rub the rock up and down your penis rather than rubbing it on the rock.
"Scarface taught me how to cracksmack like that, you cunt!" Jim said as he gave Margarette one good cracksmack across the face.
by SignorFabion2 September 19, 2008
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