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the act of slapping a ho with your dick
give him the dick slap!
i dick slapped a ho from here to nabrisco!
by Nick! December 05, 2002
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To slap a girl in one of many places(such as the ass, titties, clit, and face(or tongue) just to name a few favorites) with your dick. (D.S. for stealth use)
"I would like to give that girl the dick slap to the face."
by McStoodly April 01, 2006
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to slap ones dick on something, to be dick slapped is to have a dick slapped on you
drunken swedes started this sport in dublin, they 'dickslapped' various irish monuments and a few irish tramps

herrglad is a dick-slapper
by banjo November 04, 2004
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When you are recieving head from someone and they are noy doing a very good job, you slap their face with your penis until they get a black eye
SLAP!!!! You call that a blowjob? SLAP!! SLAP!!!SLAP!!!
by big titty bitch January 22, 2005
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what every guy want's to do to there girlfriends/boyfriends.
it's getting your dick hard
and slaping it across there
girlfriend/boyfriends face.
guy: Hey baby look!
girl's face: SMACK!
girl: Did you just dick slap me?
guy: you know it(:
by allisonn August 12, 2007
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To slap a sleeping man/woman in the face with your erect penis while they sleep
I give a dick-slap for a blow job
by mik297 September 28, 2009
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The newest "it" sexual style among those of us of slightly freakier/non-conformist persuasion. Especially loved by dominant freak guys. Better known as cockslap. Usually done on the face, and the purpose of it is not to degrade, nor to leave very visible marks (it should be done lightly). Mainly, the purpose is to show that a girl "belongs" to a guy emotionally/spiritually/physically. It is almost a way of branding. Good to mention if you want to freak out normal people.
Shall we finish it off with a dickslap or what?- my boi to me.
You know, honey, I think I'll be so ecstatic by the end of this that I won't care if you do it.- me.
by ms m September 29, 2004
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