the act of slapping a ho with your dick
give him the dick slap!
i dick slapped a ho from here to nabrisco!
by Nick! December 5, 2002
To slap a girl in one of many places(such as the ass, titties, clit, and face(or tongue) just to name a few favorites) with your dick. (D.S. for stealth use)
"I would like to give that girl the dick slap to the face."
by McStoodly April 1, 2006
what every guy want's to do to there girlfriends/boyfriends.
it's getting your dick hard
and slaping it across there
girlfriend/boyfriends face.
guy: Hey baby look!
girl's face: SMACK!
girl: Did you just dick slap me?
guy: you know it(:
by allisonn August 12, 2007
Verb, transitive.

To cause someone to lose face in an intensely humiliating manner. Similar to own but openly public and sadistically malicious.
Wow you sure dick slapped John by telling his mom about his DUI.

Bill dick slapped Pedro by reporting his cheating to the teacher.
by Jour January 3, 2007
"Dick Slapping" is the act of using the penis as a tool of sexual dominance. The act itself is not exclusive to the male and often involves a female using the penis to carry out the act upon herself. The act symbolizes dominance of the male and the penis in sexuality and subservience or worship of the penis on the part of the female. The act itself can be initiated through request on the part of the female, forced or through foreplay. While the act itself does not fall under the practice of BDSM, it often times is used as a means of punishment, humiliation and domination. It is purely a psychological tool. Dick slapping should not be confused with Dick Spanking: an act that involves the female emasculating the male through the act of slapping his penis with her hand. Often times carried out with verbal degradation. It should also not be confused with Creaming: The act of slapping a vagina with the penis after internal ejaculation. The truest form of the act is when the male uses either hand to grasp the penis while holding the rear of the females head with the other, and striking the female with his penis over the entire surface of the face. Especially, the mouth. The origins of dick slapping is unknown.
M: Do you worship my cock bitch?

F: Yes. I worship your cock!

M: Do you deserve my cock?

F: No. I have been bad!

Dick Slapping female over mouth with dick!
by clithardwood October 31, 2013
to slap ones dick on something, to be dick slapped is to have a dick slapped on you
drunken swedes started this sport in dublin, they 'dickslapped' various irish monuments and a few irish tramps

herrglad is a dick-slapper
by banjo November 4, 2004