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There is one legend Selwyn. This Selwyn is really smart, academically, and in life too.
Selwyn admits that he isn't perfect and has a crush on a gal named Libby.
Everyone is secretly jealous of Selwyn due to his stunning looks and surprising Athletic ability.

Some things to be cautious of:
A) He is always da boss
B) He always takes things literally, so don't mess with him
C) He is stubborn
D) He will not respond to Slippery Selwyn

Things to look forward too:
A) Meeting a nice bloke
B) Having lot's of arguements
D) Spending hours trying to figure out an area of life that he ISN'T better than you at.

There are 3 simple steps to meeting Selwyn:
1. Tell him your name and objective
2. (Female) -> Ask him if you look good
2. (Male) -> Ask him about orienteering (whatever that is, he seems to like it)
3. Never make assumptions
'Hi Selwyn, you're an absolute legend' 'Hey Selwyn what's the answer to ___'
by LegDatSween August 17, 2018
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a really fat kid who gets on everyone's nerves and cries when your class is late to lunch, or he doesn't get a grilled cheese sandwich!
beth was acting like a complete selwyn when we wouldn't talk to her.
by emoyuki July 10, 2008
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A Selwyn is pretty much when someone tells you they're going to do something, then either doesn't do it, or just completely fails in that sense, usually ruining that section of the day or just making it annoying to be around.
It is a worse version of admitting defeat or a gg, which is what the concept was first derived from.
Guy #1 "Remember that time Selwyn did a Selwyn on us?"
Guy #2 "Don't remind me."
by Selwyn February 08, 2008
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An ass, a dick, and a corrupt fucker that sucks you into his friendship, I do Luciferian shit on him, wring his neck because Lucifer told him to steal my coffee, yet I love him, and he and I are Luciferians, but he's acting stupid.
Me: did you steal my coffee?

Selwyn: Lucifer said it was fine.
(I wring his neck)
by badmouth June 12, 2018
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