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From Zergling. The weakest unit in the game Starcraft who has been fully upgraded with adrenal glands and metabolic boost. Becomes incredible fast moving and fast attacking, offsetting many weaknesses. Derived from the idea that the Zergling is "on crack".
In large enough numbers, a swarm of cracklings can easily destroy more powerful units such as Archons.
by xelius April 04, 2005
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Zerglings with Metabolic boost, Adrenal glands, at least +2 attack, and +1 armor. They do so much damage so fast, that if done properly, they are not defeatable.
Dear lord! Those cracklings killed my command center in less than two seconds!
by Epheras February 06, 2005
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Bit of crackling: An attractive young woman. Somewhat outdated. Used to be popular until circa 1970s.
She's a nice bit of crackling.
by mrmugwump September 24, 2006
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In the game of Starcraft, when the weakest infantry unit; a Zergling is upgraded with Metabolic Boost and Adreneal Glands. It then becomes a rediculously fast moving and attacking little bugger.
In large numbers, cracklings are almost unstoppable.
"Holy crap, my bunkers ddin't stand a chance against all those cracklings!"
by Hail to the Chief March 13, 2005
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A name for sheltered freshman from Boston University. Often used by older upperclassmen as a means to address younger freshman who exhibit qualities of craziness when given several tiny bits of alcohol. Much like Starcraft's Zergling when given Adrenal Glands and Metabolic Boost. Cracklings become crazy with tiny bits of alcohol due to their inability and inexperience to such stimulants.

Upperclassmen love hanging around Cracklings because they love watching Cracklings drink.
OMG that freshman is such a Crackling, I only gave him 1 shot of 151... WEAK
by #70 April 06, 2011
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noun. In Ukraine, a popular garnish on local dishes which consists of pieces of pig large intestines, deep-fried until crispy and indistinguishable. Usually takes on the colour of whatever else you're eating, resulting in one not noticing them until it's too late.
person one: Are you feeling okay?
person two: I think the cracklings got me again.
by awhiterabbit August 01, 2010
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