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Wet excretions from the vagina, often encountered when a woman is sexually excited.

Origin: Flame bar, Wan Chai, Hong Kong 2015
She was so horny that she was dripping crack juice!
Her crack juice was sweet as lemon pie!
by robalooo September 08, 2016
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-1 half gallon of vodka
-4 cans of lemon concentrate
-16 beers

Mix all these together and let it brew for about 30 minutes and you're ready to go.
-"man lets get a lot of people F'ed up but in a delicious way"
-"alright lets make some crack juice"
by MarcoRambobologna January 18, 2008
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Rockstar, specifically in the orange can, but also any of the other Red Bull type drinks used to get through the work day. See cubicle speed
Melinda: God, I wish I had some crack juice today!

Nate: I know, they were completely out at the store last night!
by tking6565 May 21, 2007
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wilst throwing a party the day after throwing another one; one would create crack juice. crack juice is the conglomeration of all your left over alcohol into a big pitcher and adding so much juice you can not taste the alcohol. used when men get desperate and need a girl to black out so they can get their cock out.
"we don't have time for a beer run! just mix up some crack juice!"
by iThizz June 16, 2006
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a common drink in Philly
homebrewed ice tea bought at corner chinese food place
usually comes in a won ton soup container with a hole cut in the lid for a straw
it is common to mix it with vodka
yo wanna go get a crack juice and pizza roll
by hippie chick October 05, 2006
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