Someone who is both crazy and racist at the same time.
Alex Jones is the embodiment of all that is cracist.”

“Remember the time that guy Tucker was arrested for being cracist in public?”
by The Autonomous Collective September 19, 2018
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Someone who hates smart people, Cracist combining cranium and racist.
Guy 1: And that's how you solve the problem 3x=5+4x by blahblahblah...
Guy 2: Shut up. We get it.
Guy 1: Stop being Cracist.
by Gizrik May 19, 2015
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A crazy and dangerous racist person, typically a straight white cis male who tends to become enraged while others stand up for racial injustice.
He started to harass me because of what I said, what a cracist.
by blxcksus January 10, 2021
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