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The most white school in Virginia Beach, besides FC. Mostly rich white people attend. There is however one hall way where all of the black people hang out in masses. Has the cliques of any other school in Virginia. You can also walk into any classroom and find about 8 different types of illegal drugs.
by EMJLKT November 23, 2004
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Cox high school is a place where, if you're a girl, it's all about what size pants you wear (preferrably size 0 if you want to be cool), what size boobs you have (preferrably a full C or D if you want any guys), and how many older guys you've dated. For guys, on the other hand, it's all about what kind of skate shoes you have, how low you wear you pants, and how many girls' virginity you have taken. Cox is quite possibly the most superficial place on the planet. Everyone walks around with their noses in the air, ESPECIALLY if we're at another school for an away football game for example. Cox will come there invading the hell out of that turf (even though our football team sucks). We still think we run shop wherever we go. There are maybe 2 ugly cars in the parking lot, IF THAT. Everyone drives a nice vehicle, and you see all of these same cars at 81st street everyday at 12:20 when the seniors get out. To sum it all up, Cox is full of rich, snobby, white, blonde-headed little beach kids who think they're on the O.C. But it's damn fun and it taught my ass how to party.
We had an away football game at Green Run and somebody got shot. Serves our snobby asses right for trotting into that sketchball school acting like hot shit.
by M March 08, 2005
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School with the most beach blondes, suv's, cocaine addicts, sexy surfer boys, year round tanned skin, and where hot chicks made out together at parties in million dollar houses beachside
2 years ago a girl from 2000 senior class died of a cocaine overdose. She was blonde, thin, hot, rich, tan, and made out with other hot chicks. typical cox girl
by mo March 28, 2004
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Definitely the most white high school in Virginia Beach. It's full of the richest, beach-going, well-dressed, and party-loving kids of the 757, and we usually get a bad rep for it. Cox has also been dubbed the "druggie school" of VB, and for good reasons. Both the Junior and Senior parking lots are full of BMWs, Mercedes', Lexus', etc. We've won an endless number of state championships in many different sports, including field hockey, volleyball, soccer, and more. We've been admired for excelling at academics as well.For the most part, the majority of girls and guys at Cox are also somewhat attractive; it's just a fact. It's well known as the 'rival school' to nearby high school First Colonial, but everyone knows its clearly because FC kids are jealous of us. Though the students at our school is sometimes viewed as "snobby" or "fake", there really are some genuine kids here; everyone just likes to stereotype before they get to know people. It's an really an honor to say I go to this school. Overall, Cox High School is a pretty rad place to be.
Cox High School was definitely the best school to spend my high school years at.
by i-love-cox January 21, 2012
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Cox High is full of snobby ass white kids who think that they are the shit. It is full of preppy rich girls and stupid skater/surfer blonde guys. and of course the black kids who think that they own the entire school. They will walk so SLOW right infront of you and then just stop so you trip behind them. or they will just stand there in the middle of the hall like they own it, or when they walk act like YOU have to move out of THEIR way because they are superior. There is not one "real" person there except for the nerds. At least they have the guts to be themselves. They don't act like someone that they aren't. All of the girls are backstabbers and all of the guys just want to get in your pants. It is full of stupid immature dramatic druggies. At least every person in that school has done or is doing drugs or drinking. Its not a secret. That is why we have visits from dogs who go around sniffing for them. This school and everyone in it should burn or learn to be themselves. and lately its full of teen girls getting pregnant.
went to cox high school, and still do *pukes*
by normalchick012 August 19, 2008
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Isnt the best school in Virginia Beach but definitely NOT the worst school. At least they have a lot of school spirit instead of other school in VB. Not actually as many drugs as people think. Has the worst reputation, but isnt that bad.
by Lilchick69 November 30, 2017
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