An extremely good looking guy who can easily seduce both genders but strictly sticks to the women. He generally has awesome hair and can surf.
That guy riding those waves has great hair. He must be a surfer boy!
by Alex Aybaybay March 29, 2011
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A strait guy who can very easily be sedused by a gay guy.
I could get him easily; he's a surfer boy.
by Alex1231 July 1, 2004
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A shit so clean that you don't need to wipe. You do however wipe your ass once, but only to show interested onlookers that there is no residue.
After Johnny boy took a surfer boy shit he threw the clean TP in some bitch's face.
by John Doe22 December 18, 2011
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A hawt boi that has amazing abs. He has great hair, and loves to surf. HE IS A PRO SURFER. A Jeffery boi loves to throw jellyfish at his friends. All the girls are attracted to a Jeffery Surfer Boi. He loves Cheerios. Jeffery Surfer Boi is very tan with dirty blond hair.
“Jeffery Surfer Boi is over there.”
Yah, he is surfing.”
“He is so hot!”
by Jeffery Surfer Boi May 7, 2021
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to eat a slice of pizza off a man’s dick as he’s dressed as a surfer
john: hey man me and your dad tried surfer boy pizza

bob: bro i thought we were gonna do that
by bertgo June 13, 2022
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