757 or the seven cities:
Newport News
Virginia Beach

Each city is a broad mix of different cultures and widely depends on which city you visit. The people are either college/med students, active or retired Military due to the many bases, shipyard workers, young Busch Gardens employees, or struggling middle and lower class families.

Crime is everywhere but clustered. Cross the train tracks and you have suddenly stepped into the hood, drive one mile any direction you'll be in redneck suburbs and it will remain like this for every city.

Drugs are everywhere. If you need it you can find very good, competitive deals from your local black Walmart employee to the UVA freshman coming back from college. Yes, don't judge a person from 757, they probably got that A high.

Long story short:

The 757 represents everything you hate and love conveniently surrounded by beaches and Aircraft Carriers. You're either on drugs, getting a degree ,or both. You will always complain about traffic across the bridge and pray for better places.
+"Oh you're from the 757? What's there to do?"
-"Well if you want some loud I can all my sergeant. But my friend from VCU can get us into to Busch for free!
by BriBre February 21, 2016
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area code denoting the hardest and most true to the street area in the U.S. Located in Southeastern Virginia.
by gretahatch February 23, 2005
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An area in southeastern Virginia consisting of:

Newport News


And Virginia Beach

Has recently been slapped on hats, shirts, bumper stickers, etc.

Also known as the seven deadly cities.
I like your hat, but I already knew your area code. 757.
by Vigilante Injustice May 07, 2009
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South East VA area code
7 cities 5 counties 7 deadly sins
be hard, live fast and die young in the 757
by DangerousBrian December 05, 2013
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The 7 cities area of southeastern virginia- Newport News, Virginia Beach, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Hampton, and the illest- Norfolk
Representin the 757 fo life
by Billionaire January 18, 2007
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Area code for Hampton Roads area in Va, especially Newport News, aka Bad News. Sweet ass place to live.
Person 1: Yo WTF man, why'd you shank that guy?

Person 2: I'm from the 757, thats how I roll.
by john 757 July 28, 2005
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Region of South Eastern Virginia including Virginia Beach, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Hampton, Norfolk, and Newport News. Most popular is Virginia Beach, then Norfolk, Portsmouth (P-Town) is known for the ganstas and nobody gives a shit about the others. The 757 is most notable for the musicians that came out of it. PHARRELL WILLIAMS - Virginia Beach. TIMBALAND - Virginia Beach. MISSY ELLIOT - Portsmouth. THE NEPTUNES - Virginia Beach.
"Yo people be thinking that New York or Atlanta is hot or something but dont they know that the 757 is where its at?!!"
"Man niggas dont know that we rep it dirty in the 757"
by vbballin March 12, 2008
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