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when you go over a jump on your mountain bike and land on your neck breaking your back and heaps of teeth.
what was supposed to be a backflip ended up becoming a major cowles

His riding style is quite Cowlesian
by HInto February 16, 2009
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Pronounced "coles"
Usually has a generic first name.
Believe themselves to have musical talent but do not.
Often times has a drinking problem.

They are terrified of commitment and will run when you least expect it. Never trust a cowles. They will also disregaurd the fact that they have a child and are not afraid to date a married person. They have no moral obligation to anyone or anything. Care about no one but themselves but like to pretend that they are an outstanding friend, brother, son, father, etc...which is completely fase. Quick to lie about their feelings and almost anything else that will bennefit them in some way.
He said he was in college so his mother would pay for his car insurance but he dropped out 2 semesters ago.

He pulled a cowles.
by betyouknowthedate4410 January 13, 2011
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