Pronunciation: Coh-vid-dee-ot
Noun: A person who believes the mainstream narrative regarding this *scamdemic* (see also: plannedemic), who blindly follows the system, disregards real scientific research, and refuses to listen to any opposing information regardless if it is true or not.
"Did you see Karen in the supermarket yesterday? She was berating some older gentleman for not wearing a mask!"

"No, I didn't! I read that he had asthma though, and that mask would've caused much more harm than good. She must be a real covidiot!"
by Shill-Killa October 21, 2020
Someone who is freaking out too much about covid and revolves everything they do around it. Also they treat anyone who doesn’t strictly follow guidelines like a murderer
Friend 1- yo wanna hangout?
Friend 2- are you crazy? There is LITERALLY A GLOBAL PANDEMIC going on rn. What are you thinking
Friend 1- your a covidiot
by N306498 January 14, 2021
Someone who thrust every shit gournalist say about covid.
A person who has brainwashed in ever aspect of his life.
That covidiot is putting up the mask alone in the car.
by EvanBuxter November 8, 2020
Someone who ignores social distancing and shelter in place guidelines and continues to gather with other Covidiots in large groups, thereby further spreading the Covid 19 virus.
The young Covidiots flocked to Florida beaches for spring break parties.
by Pand Emic April 2, 2020
A politician who mandates that others wear masks and socially distance while not following their own rules. Can alternatively be used for those who support these politicians and make excuses for them. It can also be used to describe those who drive with a mask in their car while alone, those who wear a face shield in public, and those who wear soiled gloves while grocery shopping. They tend to live in isolated pockets of the San Francisco Bay Area, LA County, New York City, and other such cesspools of under education.

See also: CNN, MSNBC, Stacey Abrams, Barack Obama, Gavin Newsom, Eric Garcetti, and London Breed.
Eric Garcetti is Covidiot for claiming he held is breath while taking a picture with Shaq.
by JoeStrom February 7, 2022
Tipically entitled Karen and conspiracy theorist who supports covid 19 conspiracy theories
Covidiot: "I'mma never wear a mask to protect others because it's my choice. Covid 19 in nothing real."
Me: "stupid covidiot"
by Boiling hot semen August 14, 2020
1) An ignorant person who, simply for the purpose of being rebellious and asinine, deliberately and blatantly ignore, defy and/or refuse to adhere to national, state-wide and/or local regulations, suggestions, rules and/or recommendations regarding the COVID-19 pandemic; especially including but definitely not limited to those who waste their time protesting on the street against such mandates, etc. i.e. all forms of social distancing, wearing a mask in public spaces/inside public buildings at all times, curfew and so on.

2) An ignorant stupid person who, for reasons that may never be known to mankind, has refused to accept the reality and severity of the world-wide chaos and devastation caused by the rampage of the COVID-19 pandemic despite the endless supply of visual evidence; these people are very special as they usually qualify under BOTH definitions 1 and 2.
Some lady on the news: "...If we all just stand up and say 'no' to wearing masks, social distancing, etc. then we could have our lives back!"

Josh's mom: "Hey, Josh! Get a load of this shit!"

Josh: "Huh?! Oh, yeah, I know, right?? What a Covidiot!"

Josh's Mom: "A what?? –oooohhh, I see what you did there... Fer shizzle doe! Yee-yee! Skurt-skuuuurt on these m***er f***erz, okuuuuuurrrrrr?!"

Josh: *facepalm*

"Oh, dear, God...."

*walks away shamefully*
by sircookster33 December 15, 2020