Someone who believes everything they hear on TV and other mainstream media, yet chooses to ignore official CDC numbers, such as how Covid has a 99.9997% recovery rate for those under 30, and 99.92% recovery rate for those 70+. They also ignore the fact that health "experts" on TV have told us that hospitals mark just about any death as a Covid death, no matter how they died, simply because they tested positive for Covid or were merely suspected of such.

Thus, these people wear their masks everywhere they go like it's a status symbol, while believing it actually does any good.
Look at that Covidiot driving around wearing a mask!
by Toadail October 29, 2020
1. a stupid person who stubbornly ignores the "social distancing" protocol, thus helping to further spread COVID-19.

2. a stupid person who hoards groceries, needlessly spreading COVID-19 fears and depriving other of vital supplies
1. "Are you seriously going to visit granny?
Hey mate, don't be such a covidiot"

2. "See that bloke with the 100 toilet paper rolls? What a covidiot"
by Psychen5 March 22, 2020
1. A perfect term for those spreading, creating or publishing unverified and false information about the novel coronavirus.

2. An idiot who doubts the existence of COVID-19, therefore ignoring the need for social distancing and proper hand washing.

3. A play on the disease’s official name, COVID-19, and, well, the word idiot
I see too many covidiots on social media spreading false information about the virus
by Grumpy Ned March 24, 2020
Covidiot: an individual who in the face of dire circumstances for all, acts selfishly toward others instead of in solidarity and with generosity.
Look at that mob of covidiots shoving each other just to grab as much toilet paper as they can carry!

Don't be a covidiot and endanger other people by ignoring shelter in place recommendations.
by HopefulHuman March 22, 2020
1) A person who "isn't worried" about Covid-19 because they "aren't old enough." (This does not discount the Covidiot having asthma, obesity, or another major risk factor).

2) Someone who goes on numerous pointless excursions during the aforementioned pandemic, often against local ruling, because they are hollow inside, utterly selfish, and, most probably, lick hand railings.

3) On the extreme, either denies Covid-19 is an issue at all (or real) and/or completely loses their shit and buys no more soap than usual BUT every last disenfectant product & T.P. roll.**

**Despite this, their living space is still as gross as ever.

See also: organic portals
Karen the Covidiot can't survive with just the dick pics she collected from Tinder even 6 whole days.
Relating to the 2020 Coronavirus (COVID19) Pandemic:

1. An idiot who can’t respect common sense and basic science enough to to help stop the spread of disease.

2. A person acting in a deranged manner due to the COVID19 outbreak.
1. A family of 5 Covidiots decided to ride their bikes around the neighborhood and extend my unemployment for another month.

2. The Covidiot bought 3 years’ worth of toilet paper to get them through the next 2 months of quarantine.
by ZmanIsTheMan3 April 20, 2020
A person who ignores the governments and health organization's recommendations in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic.
I was standing in line at Walmart and a guy says to me "my test hasn't come back yet but I have all the COVID-19 symptoms" and he wasn't even wearing a MASK! He is such a Covidiot!!!
by SKULLYARD May 1, 2020