The act of distancing oneself from the wider public. Likely to be a result of fear of an oncoming zombie apocalypse, plague or COVID-19
Sarah pondered the on coming plague and though "f**k that, I'm off into self isolation in my camper van til it blows over"
by Zombie Avoidance Manoeuvre March 16, 2020
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That one moment when you actually just need to be alone cus you feel like you hurt people the feeling you get when you care alot bout others than yourself and then tend to stay indoors away from everyone and battling with the demons on your own... not me but i had a friend who just felt really bad existing and cant kill himself cus his parents would be sad so he always wished that he can isolate himself that ppl no more would have to deal with him and listen to his shit or talk to him... the very thing he wished for was that he wouldve been happy if ppl would have just forgotten him... and to this day with his wishes not coming to a pass he cuts his wrists thin and deep and let the blood drop off of his fingers...
Mind;- Self isolation would work alot better since you wont have to care what ppl would think and at some point ppl would have moved on with the fact that you are dead...
by the one person 6ft deep November 23, 2021
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The act of locking yourself in doors for 7-14 weeks in fear of getting the corona virus. This could also lead to Insantity
by Cait.lin March 31, 2020
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The excuse you give to your friends when you don't want to go out but would rather stay in and watch Netflix in your pajamas.
"Hey Karen, you wanna grab some drinks tonight?"
"Sorry, can't do it tonight, I'm self-isolating."
by Gartholomew83 March 13, 2020
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A crappy excuse to tell your boss that you would rather stay at home watching porn and eating that pasta you’ve been stockpiling
Employee: Sorry, I don’t think I can come to work today, I need to self-isolate
Boss: (sarcastically) Right
by massivetraps25 March 19, 2020
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Pretending to have a cough so you can go home for a mega mastabation marathon.

14 days at home, alone, with all the toilet paper you can get your hands on.
I've emptied Tesco of all the toilet roll. I'm off home now to do some "Self Isolating". I hope my wrist holds out.
by HoopeyPoops March 17, 2020
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