The opposite of a covidiot. Someone who takes government guidelines very seriously, following to the letter of the law.

Slightly weird obsessions with washing hands, face masks and social distancing.
Mum: “For the hundredth time today, wash your hands!“

You: “Mum stop being such a covidient.”
by Hhhhheeeeelllllooooo August 1, 2020
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That period of massive hysteria where everything that've happened was because of Corona Virus
He got stabbed 20 times but doctors said he died because of Corona virus because it's covidient
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A person who abides the quarantine rules to ensure safety of the population in general.
Someone who values others safety by following the necessary rules and protocols to avoid the virus spread.
Antonym of Covidiot
Friend1: Hey, let's go out tonight. There's a rave party nearby.
Friend2: Sorry I can't. I'm a covidient citizen and I would suggest we should avoid crowded place and practice physical distancing to avoid the virus spread.
Friend1: boomer!
by YourKindOfPotato April 16, 2020
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1. related to or reminiscent of the invidious, insidious COVID-19 virus and pandemic;
2. contagious and toxic
3. a stealthy, negative influence or force
Her personality is nothing but covidious---she enters the room and her negativity is like a toxic cloud that drags everyone down.
by KKattA March 4, 2021
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(Noun) The act in which an entity, particularly a place of business, uses Covid-19 to get out of something that they didn’t particularly want to do in the first place.
Although the Michigan governor declared that public swimming pools could re-open on June 9th, our apartment complex pool is closed, citing Covid-19 as the reason. There is no profit for them; the covidience is evident here.
by MrsSpecter June 30, 2020
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Adj - Having a strong presence of Covid-19 in the surrounding environment.
Dude, that party looks covidy af! We better avoid it.
by realGandalfTheWhite May 31, 2020
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The generation who is/will be born during the COVID19 pandemic.
by Goofnut July 2, 2020
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